The Importance of Finding a Competent Car Accident Lawyer after a Crash

The Importance of Finding a Competent Car Accident Lawyer after a Crash

Unfortunately for people injured in a car accident, the limitations of your car insurance can put a limit on the amount of money or compensation you are entitled to in the event of a crash. Especially in situation where the defendant has insufficient or no car insurance you may end up in a situation where the money you are awarded is barely enough to cover your medical bills let alone any other type of expenses you may have because of the accident. Such as time at work you will miss or potentially therapy you made need from the traumatic experience you went through.

The need for a car accident finds and attorney

It is extremely important that the victim of a car accident finds and attorney that will not rest until they are certain that they have gotten their client the highest possible compensation possible in their situation. They will look for special clauses in your own policy that may aid in helping you receive more compensation. For instance, a passenger may be entitled to more money if they are a relative or share a household with the driver. In that case, your attorney may advise to seek compensation from your own insurance company instead of that of the offending drivers’.

Medical bills

It is very common that the medical bills that a person may receive after an accident will greatly exceed the policy limits of many car insurance plans. In other words if you are greatly hurt in an accident most likely the insurance company isn’t guaranteed to pay you enough money to cover your medical expenses that you now have to live with. Because of this it is extremely important that you give any and all medical bills to your car insurance lawyer so that they can negotiate a reduction of the amount you own. It is important o also forward any collection notices you get from a doctor or medical facility to your lawyer as well.

During the case

Before the case even begins, your car accident lawyer will probably contact any and all lien holders and begin the process of trying to reduce the lien amount. They will show them the insurance policy limitations and start to negotiate a settlement between you and them. During your actual case, your attorney will keep the lien claimants informed of the progress as well as update them on how the insurance adjusters are viewing the medical bills. An agreement with the lien claimants must be made before acceptance of a settlement. Your lawyer will want to be sure that paying off your liens will not exhaust all of the money. This is particularly important for a plaintiff who may need funds to pay for ongoing medical treatments and therapies.

Final Words

If you follow these steps you are much more likely to come out on top in the event of a catastrophic auto accident. A professional and proficient auto insurance lawyer can be invaluable in getting your life back on track as fast as possible.

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